Become a Canadian Permanent Resident
Discover new horizons
Our Services
Discover new horizons
Our Services
Our team of professionals prepare our clients for an easier integration to the Canadian labour market and culture.
  1. Permanent Residents
    Contact us before you arrive Canada for an easier integration once you arrive.
  2. Airport Meet & Greet Service
    A friendly chaperone will meet you at the Canadian Airport of your choice on arrival. We ensure a 24/7 service is available for you.... So don't panic!!
  3. Life in Canada Induction
    Pre - Arrival one hour induction which exposes West Africans / Nigerians to life in Canada including the Canadian Workplace culture and being integrated into their various Canadian communities.
  4. CV Writing
    We help prepare your master resume for Canadian job applications and also tailor your resume to match specific job requirements in your field. This ensures you have a Canadian style resume available before you arrive Canada.
  5. Job Search Workshop
    This is a two hour workshop where participants learn job search skills necessary for employment in Canada.
  6. West African / Nigerian Culture
    To help you quickly adapt to life in Canada, our friendly advisers will introduce to: African Churches and places of worship African Grocery shops